If we already know how our product is positioned against the competition and we have determined who we want to target it to, the next step will be to choose the distribution channel. One of the channels of reaching the customer with the offer is telemarketing.

What is telemarketing?

It is a telephone, direct contact with the client. Telemarketing can be treated as an additional channel supporting the distribution of products and services. Based on a database, telephone consultants call potentially interested persons on behalf of the client, sell goods or services, conduct surveys, inform or obtain information. A modern telephone channel of communication with the market developed in Poland in the 90s and was used to communicate promotions. Currently, telemarketing is used by practically all sectors of the market. Direct telephone contact supports traditional sales channels, builds the brand, and allows you to conduct a survey.

Incoming telemarketing, i.e. the helpline

The hotline, as the name suggests, is used to provide certain information to customers. You can launch the hotline in order to:
  • accepting orders, e.g. mail order houses, wholesalers,
  • providing information, especially on prices, addresses, debt,
  • handling marketing campaigns,
  • service support, i.e. Helpdesk or the so-called Hotline used by customers servicing computer hardware, software, mobile phones, etc.
  • accepting complaints, e.g. in the customer service office
  • handling term contracts, e.g. insurance, guarantees, inspections,
  • accepting orders for reservations, e.g. cinema tickets, concerts, passenger / air transport, running a virtual secretariat.

Outbound telemarketing

It is launched in order to:
  • selling products: telephones, wine, gift certificates, electronics, household appliances, etc.
  • sales of services, e.g. seminars, workshops, training, service
  • research on group potentials and their segmentation,
  • building “leads”
  • CATI research, polls, interview, Mystery Shopper,
  • arranging business meetings and maintaining an on-line meeting schedule,
  • conducting debt collection,
  • data verification and updating.


One operator can perform for you within eight working hours:
  • several hundred connections,
  • send personalized e-mails,
  • prepare an offer,
  • prepare a statistical and substantive report