CATI Research

We offer the implementation of projects using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) technique. It is a computer-assisted direct telephone interview. For this purpose, we have a special telephone survey module as part of our call center system. It gives our clients the possibility of constant access to the survey results on-line and exporting them at every stage of the research. We offer comprehensive project service, starting from the stage of creating a research scenario, through selecting the target group and conducting interviews using the developed questionnaire, to the result report of the analysis of the collected data.

Advantages of CATI:

  • Possibility to reach hard-to-reach target groups
  • 100% control of the material because the interviews are recorded
  • Short lead time at relatively low cost
  • Constant monitoring of the research and the quality of the collected data
  • Allows complex filters and easy question rotation
  • Carrying out research on large samples
  • Reports and statistics available on-line
  • Random or deliberate sampling
  • High quality regardless of sample size

How is CATI research carried out?

The first stage is to prepare a questionnaire with questions, the appropriate interview scenario is prepared within the call center system. The second stage is importing the database in accordance with the established structure, the call center system also enables integration with the client’s database system via REST API. Then, in a telephone conversation, the interviewer asks questions from the previously created questionnaire, questions and possible answers are available from the interviewer’s application. During the telephone interviews conducted, the survey supervisors have on-line access to the collected data and analytical reports.

Our advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Advanced ICT technology
  • High-quality databases
  • Speed ​​and timely implementation of projects
  • Experience in conducting CATI research
  • On-line access to results at every stage of research We are at your disposal. If you have any questions, please contact me to prepare a detailed offer.